Hey, I'm Ash.

I grew up in the hinterlands of Wisconsin where it is well known for the “frozen tundra” and abundance of freshwater lakes. My dad taught me and my older brothers when we were little how to build fires, grow a garden, and check for ticks; while my mom instilled in us a compassion for all living things. As a result of my childhood, it is not unusual that I have such an appreciation for plants and the natural world.

My path led me as a young adult to the Pacific Northwest where the mountains, glacier fed rivers and old growth forests continue to inspire me. I completed my education in Biology at Portland State University after making a commitment to dedicate myself to these complex ecosystems and protect their vital food webs. My thesis sought to better understand human-environment relationships from the perspective of agriculture and our global food system in the face of climate change.

I am most interested in promoting Agroecology and Food Sovereignty in order to directly address climate impacts on agriculture and the world food supply. I hope to share my breadth of experience and depth of knowledge in nutrition, farming, and environmental conservation with others who share my vision of a global food system that embraces sustainable agriculture in which all people have access to healthy, organically produced food while conserving the world's biodiversity.

To me, being a scientist means living a fulfilling life by bringing a stronger and more compassionate understanding of the universe. As a Biologist I will strive to reveal new ideas and offer humankind a sustainable, knowledge-based relationship with the world.  My goal is to empower individuals, cultivate community and protect biodiversity in order to better the world.